Why You Should See a Veterinarian in Cincinnati OH

Why You Should See a Veterinarian in Cincinnati OH

Your pet is an important part of your family. You share an unbreakable bond with your furry companion, and you want them to live a happy and healthy life. Regular wellness exams are the best way to ensure your pet stays in top shape.

Alicia has been with Lewis Animal Hospital since 2010. She studied at Winthrow University and Brown Mackie College. She currently lives with two cats.

Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine services provide primary care for adults. They are specially trained to solve diagnostic problems and help patients with severe long-term illnesses. They are also known as “hospitalists” because they coordinate medical care for patients who need to be admitted to the hospital.

They are familiar with all of the body’s organ systems and understand how they work together as a team. This gives them a unique perspective that allows them to see the big picture and connect the dots between different data sets.

A 2021 graduate of The University of Cincinnati, Taylor enjoys the variety of cases she sees at Plum Street Pet Clinic. She lives with her husband and their two cats. Her free time is spent with family and friends, and her favorite hobby is baking.


Whether it’s an emergency surgery or a routine spay/neuter procedure, your veterinarian will perform the operation with skill and compassion. They will provide you with detailed written discharge instructions, and monitor your pet’s heart rate, EKG, mucus membrane color, capillary refill time, breaths per minute, oxygen level, body temperature and more during recovery.

The team at Clermont Animal Hospital, Inc. is experienced in a wide range of pet services including wellness care, vaccines, boarding, dental care and exotic pets. They offer a variety of surgical procedures, and also use a K laser to provide drug-free pain treatment without the need for anesthesia.

Lebanon Small Animal Clinic in Batavia, OH offers wellness care, dentistry, behavioral counseling, cold laser therapy and exotic pet care. They have years of veterinary experience and regularly attend classes to keep up with their industry knowledge.


A veterinarian is a health care professional who is licensed to provide routine and emergency services to pets and other animals. He or she may also perform surgery, administer vaccinations, and conduct examinations to help keep pets healthy and happy. Veterinarians in Cincinnati OH offer grooming services for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and other small animals.

Petey’s Pet Shop is a dog grooming business that offers standard haircuts, sanitary trims, and ear cleaning for pets of all sizes. It also has self-service bath stations for owners to wash their own pets.

The Grooming Girls LLC offers grooming and veterinary care for cats and dogs in Cincinnati. Its team of professionals includes certified groomers and hygiene technicians. Its grooming packages include a bath, ear and nail trimming, fluff drying, and a full-body haircut.


Vaccinations, which provide artificially acquired immunity, work with your body’s natural defenses to protect you against certain diseases. This preventative measure saves lives and reduces the risk of complications and transmission, especially for babies and young children.

The most common vaccines contain weakened or killed forms of the germ that causes a disease, or parts of it, such as its proteins. Others, such as subunit, recombinant, and polysaccharide vaccines, contain only specific components of the germ.

Some vaccines require multiple doses over a period of time (booster shots). The good news is that once you have built up immunity to a disease, it stays with you for life. Immunity from vaccines is also passed on to infants and young children through their parents. This is called community immunity or herd immunity.

Dental Care

Just like you and your family, your pet needs regular oral care and visits to the dentist. Our veterinarians have years of experience treating and caring for pets’ dental care. Routine veterinary dentistry includes prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), polishing and a full oral examination. The oral examination helps us spot tooth decay, broken teeth and periodontal disease. Our doctors will recommend home dental care for your pet and perform more specialized dentistry procedures as necessary.

Dr Emily Ward has a limited practice in Dentistry & Oral Surgery and joined our team in 2020. She received her Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from Texas A&M University. She has a special interest in sighthound and geriatric dentistry. She enjoys working in a large multi-specialty practice where she can learn and develop her skills.