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JUUCY Model QS Disposable 4400 Puffs Review

JUUCY Model QS is a beast of an upgrade from the Juucy models. It has a powerful 1050mAh battery, 12ml of e-liquid and lasts up to 4400 puffs.

Designed with unique tastes in mind, it matches oil viscosity to heat temperatures and air flow intake to deliver an unmatched vaping experience. It has a unique form factor, soft-touch finish, evenly disbursed weight distribution and perfectly fitting mouthpiece.

Powerful 1050mAh Battery

The JUUCY Model QS Disposable 4400 Puffs are a new beast of an upgrade from the Juucy models and feature a powerful 1050mAh battery that should last you for a long time. It also features a mesh coil that provides even better flavor than the original Juucy models.

The QS has a unique form factor, soft-touch finish, evenly disbursed weight and perfect fitting mouthpiece to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience that is unlike any other device on the market. It is built alongside our custom flavors to match oil viscosity perfectly to heat temperatures and air flow intake delivering an all-around vaping experience that will leave you wanting more.

All of Juucy’s devices are portable and lightweight, making them great for anyone looking for a hassle-free vaping experience that doesn’t require maintenance or refilling. They also come in a variety of flavors and are pre-filled with 5% (50mg) nicotine salt e-liquid to provide a smooth throat hit.

12mL of E-Liquid

The JUUCY Model QS Disposable 4400 Puffs is a premium mesh coiled disposable vape pen that comes with 12ml of E-Liquid and is rechargeable. It has a USB-C rechargeable 1050mAh battery (cable included) that lasts up to 4400 puffs. Its unique form factor, soft-touch finish, equally distributed weight, and flawlessly fitting mouthpiece provide an unrivaled vaping experience.

The Juucy Model QS is a great choice for people who are looking for a high puff count but don’t want to sacrifice portability. It is also an excellent option for people who prefer MTL vaping and are seeking a more powerful device with excellent flavor.

The JUUCY Model QS is available in a variety of flavors that are sure to satisfy any taste bud. These flavors include Blackberry, Blue Razz, Cool Mint, Frozen Grape, Kiwi Strawberry, Lush Ice, Melon Apple, Orange Pineapple, Peach Berry, and Sour Apple. If you’re a fan of these flavors, you should definitely check out the JUUCY Model QS disposable vape pods!

Discreet Design

Discreet design is an important feature of a vape pod, especially for people who are trying to avoid exposing themselves. It is a good way to show that you understand the delicate issues that may arise when a customer uses your product. It also helps you communicate your brand’s policies.

A discreet vape pod is a great choice for people who want to get more hits from their device without sacrificing portability. It has a compact design, smooth flavor, and a high puff count.

The JUUCY Model QS Disposable 4400 Puffs is a powerful upgrade to the Juucy Models, with a 1050mAh battery and 12mL of e-liquid. It lasts up to 4400 puffs and has a few new delicious flavors, as well as some of the same fan favorites. It is a great option for any MTL vaper who wants to get more flavor and cloud production from their disposable vape pod. It is also an affordable option for those who are looking to save money.


The JUUCY Model QS Disposable 4400 Puffs is one of the most powerful vape pod devices available in the market today. It boasts a 1050mAh battery and 12ml of e-liquid to last you up to 4400 puffs, which is more than enough for a moderate user. It also has a sleek and discreet design, which makes it a great choice for people looking to get started in vaping. If you’re a beginner vaper and are in the market for a high-quality disposable vape, then the JUUCY Model QS is a must have.

The model QS is a re-invention of the classic mesh coil disposable vape that comes in a few different flavors, including Blackberry, Blue Razz, Cool Mint, Frozen Grape, Kiwi Strawberry, Lush Ice, and Melon Apple. The model QS also has a soft-touch finish, evenly distributed weight, and a perfectly fitting mouthpiece. It’s also one of the most impressive devices on the market, and it’s not hard to see why it is considered to be a must-have accessory in every vaper’s arsenal.

Appliance Service of Jacksonville FL

Appliance Service of Jacksonville FL services a variety of well-known and lesser-known brands of appliances including Whirlpool, GE and Samsung. Their technicians are trained in appliance repair and carry an extensive inventory of parts on their service trucks for easy access. They always provide fast, professional and affordable repairs for your major home appliances.

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators are an essential part of the kitchen, but they can also be prone to problems that require professional repair. Whether you’re hearing a buzzing noise or noticing food that doesn’t stay cold, it’s time to call a technician to assess the situation and fix any issues.

Often, refrigerator repairs aren’t complex and can be handled quickly with parts the technician has on hand. Common refrigerator repair services include cleaning or replacing dirty coils, repairing a freezer thermostat, or fixing a fridge door seal or door gasket.

Other common issues with your refrigerator include leaking refrigerant, which doesn’t have to mean the end of your appliance but should be addressed by a professional. This problem can start a cascade of other problems that can lead to expensive repairs or even the need for a new refrigerator.

Washer & Dryer Repair

Appliance Service of Jacksonville FL provides washer & dryer repair services that are a cut above the rest. From a quick fix to a complete replacement, our highly trained and licensed technicians can provide you with top-notch appliance maintenance services that are both affordable and effective.

Modern washing machines are complex pieces of machinery that incorporate a lot of technology. From a multi-functional control panel to motors and hoses, there’s plenty that can go wrong – but it’s not all doom and gloom if you have the right professional on your side. The best way to ensure your home appliances are always performing at their peak is to schedule regular maintenance and have a professional perform the best possible diagnostics on the spot. Our team of experts will be able to show you the way to a trouble-free appliance operation. The best part is you’ll save money in the process! The best way to do that is to request a free estimate today.

Dishwasher Repair

A dishwasher provides the cleaning power necessary to keep plates, glasses, and utensils ready for reuse. But like all appliances, it can develop problems.

Some issues can be fixed with some basic tools and knowledge. Here are a few of the most common dishwasher repair issues you may encounter:

First, check the hose from your drain or garbage disposer to your dishwasher. It’s usually made of flexible hosing and can leak. If it does, tighten its fittings or clamps to prevent water from escaping.

Then, look under your kitchen sink for any used water that is leaking into the sink or drain line from your dishwasher. This may be the result of a damaged drain line, which is sometimes cracked after prolonged exposure to hot water.

Most dishwasher leaks are due to a poorly sealed door or around hoses and other connections. If these issues are the cause of your problem, they can be fixed with a simple fix that involves replacing the seal.

Oven Repair

Ovens are one of the most important appliances in any kitchen. They allow you to cook delicious meals and bring friends and family together. However, even the most carefully taken care of ovens can develop problems from time to time.

Your oven needs professional attention if you want to keep it functioning properly and safely. Having a technician repair your appliance can extend its lifespan and reduce the likelihood of future issues.

The experts at Appliance Service of Jacksonville FL offer a wide range of oven repairs, including those for Samsung appliances. We can perform all of your oven repairs quickly, efficiently and reliably so that you can get back to enjoying your favorite foods!

If your oven isn’t heating up, try switching the burner out with another that you know works. This will tell you if the problem is with the burner socket or with the infinite switch that controls the gas flame. If it is the latter, you may need to replace the gas line.